Discover How It Can Transform Your Business in One Fell Swoop.

UX, UI, CX, EX…With all these terms constantly floating around, you have to start wondering whether there’s anything to them or if this is just another jargon-jerk that people capitalize on to sound superior.

As it turns out, understanding what these terms mean and how to integrate them into your business strategy really makes a difference. For the moment, we’ll be focusing on User Experience (or UX).


Think of it this way. When you open a website and go into every page without finding what you’re looking for, you’re bumping up against a bad UX. When you get a new camera and can’t comfortably hold it while reaching important buttons, you’re dealing with a bad UX. When a product or service produces a bad UX, you’ll know it – because it makes you feel like you have to jump through hoops just to use their product or service.


By contrast, a good UX exists when you use the product or service without thought or effort. Everything about the design makes it easy to engage with. So, putting all of this together, UX is what people feel when they use your product or service.

What different dose it make?

In short – a big one. A great UX makes it possible to introduce new inventions to the public, making technology accessible and useful. Also, you need to grab people’s attention in moments if you want them to stick around. You need to hook them the first time they try your service or product. And there’s no better hook than a captivating, streamlined UX.

Even better, an exceptional UX directly influences your ROI. Since UX determines customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction makes people come back to your brand again and again, you will definitely make more money.


You might also be surprised to learn that UX is part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google prioritizes sites that are user-friendly, pushing them to the top of search engine results pages. This boosts traffic to your website, thus increasing the likelihood of conversions.


Finally, a carefully designed UX also saves you time and money. It’s essentially the shortest distance between two points, cutting out redundant features. Overall, this amounts to excellent marketing, as customers will start sharing their experiences. And if they like what you offer, this word along the grapevine will do wonders for your brand.

What makes for a good UX?

The burning question, then, is what you need to pay attention to in creating a compelling UX.


·        Usability– Make it user-friendly.

·        Visual Design – Create an impactful visual presentation.

·        Wireframing– Create a sample to test functionality.

·        Information Architecture – Create intuitive information flow.

·        Interactive Design – Make it engaging to the senses.


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