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The best crew in the industry

Established in 2018 by design and art fanatic, Navid Noorizadeh, DDS Studio is the mind child born from a passion for art and design for decades; each year that passes only solidifies his love and experience in design even further. What better opportunity to work with brands like yours than to start his own creative studio.

Since then, DDS has grown to include a strong, quirky, and creative team dedicated to meeting the digital needs of brands into day’s tech-based world. Each team member has been selected due to their passion for what they do in their own field, but also for their love of art itself. With designers scattered across the world, there is no brand DDS can ’reach and no trend they can’t conquer.  As a creative design studio, based in Toronto, Canada, we believe in the power of brands and the authenticity of the human connection. From interface design to branding, digital management and the user experience, we provide a long list of digital services to help you rise above your competitors and leave them in a trail of smoke.

OUR Branding solutions
Show off your brand with our creative team unique touches!

If you’ve used AI services in the past or you’re contemplating choosing an AI-based layout creator instead of hiring a digital strategist, let us talk you out of it right now. There are many disadvantages. It may be faster and cheaper but you’re often getting ‘copy and paste’ templates and designs that are begin used by even thousands of other brands worldwide. What you end up with is a brand identity that looks exactly like your competitors, you have nothing to set you apart, and your entire brand was created without any creative knowledge.

DDS Studio submits quality for a cost-effective and time-efficient budget. We promise that every creation is unique and imagined only for you and your brand - no one else’s. And, you receive a collaboration of unique and talented minds in order to provide you with the best brand to grow your business.

DDS Creative Studio offers solutions for several digital marketing and branding needs including:
Ensuring responsiveness across all websites, launch pages, and platforms (including social media).
Providing an exceptional user experience and an equally comparable user interface,
Accessibility both for you, your employees, and your staff in compliance with legal requirements as well as to ensure your brand is open to everyone with amazing quality in results at competitive prices.

Have another problem that needs solving, we can bet we’ve faced it before! Reach out for a conversation with a member of our team today to get the conversation started.