People fall in love with a brand - Not a business.

The mistake companies keep making is that they think a brand is a logo, tagline, business card, and website, when it is so much bigger and more complex than that. Your brand is just as multi-faceted and deep as the qualities of a human being. It has a past, present, future – and in every moment of time there are millions of moving parts that are continuously building and breaking down your company’s image. Mostof the time, you don’t even know about it.

Many faces of your brand

Think of it this way. It’s like dominos – every component of your business makes contact with other components, and these all engage with your target market in one way or another. Whenever a salesperson provides excellent service in a store, your brand is being shaped. If a customer gets a slightly rude response from your community manager when they ask a question on social media, your brand is shifting

When someone is looking for abusiness like yours and it pops up near the top of Google’s search engineresults pages, your brand is being noticed.

 You get the idea. Your brand is a living, moving entity that is enormously fluid and complex. And this is why you have to put active effort into articulating the trajectory its currently on and where you would like it to go.

 Today’s businesses have discovered that without a solid purpose – a why behind everything they do –customers are less likely to seek out their brand as something meaningful. This is why so many companies have reimagined their brand identity, putting some serious work into developing and communicating their purpose which they place front and center in everything they do.

 By making their purpose and values the fundamental structure that organizes their company, they are better able to create a consistency and commitment that their employees defer to, shaping an identity that people can recognize no matter which part of the business they make contact with

What dose brand-building deliver?

If your company spends enough timecrafting a unique brand voice, you can expect the following outcomes:


·        More people will recognize your brand in everything you do, making it easier for them to specifically seek out your products or services.

·        A unique, quickly identifiable brand sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, giving you a competitive edge since people choose what they know and what stands out to them.

·        Developing a brand that goes deep motivates every person working for that company, as employees know what they’re working towards and why.

·        A consistent brand identity makes customers feel safe, as they know exactly what they’ll get from your company no matter which part of the business they interact with.

·        A strong brand is more likely to weather tough times, as they always have a strategy for the future. Customers are also more likely to stick to a brand they trust when there is uncertainty in the air.

·        A great brand builds a compelling story that engages people enough to care about that brand no matter what.

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