Build your dynasty through brilliant branding, no matter the size or shape of your empire, its our job to make it shine.
Businesses come and go, but brands are remembered. So, how can you brand your business for success? Branding goes beyond a pretty logo. Sure, you need an instantly recognizable image something that will instantly set you apart and help you build the ultimate dynasty something as powerful as the world’s biggest brand names today. BUT…that’s just the beginning.

Our Vison

At DDS Studio, we help brands build a buzz. Every company is a business, but not every business is a brand. And – the latter is crucial if you want to build an army of loyal followers.

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We don’t cut cookies, and we don’t regurgitate templates that have been seen 101 times before. We do original. We do creative. We do YOU. Explore our portfolio below to see how we’ve catered to a broad range of distinct client projects. Could you be our next success story?

What We Do

We know we said branding goes beyond a pretty logo, but that logo is the first thing your customer sees when they look your way. It sets the benchmark for their opinion of you, an opinion they’ll form within seconds. Research shows that it takes the average person 5-7 seconds to form a hard-to-break impression of who you are.
More frighteningly, it takes just a 10th of a second for someone to start analyzing traits. This doesn’t give you much time to make an impression, but thankfully, you don’t have to stumble around fumbling over notes. Let your logo do the talking with an understated emblem that says it all. Something that is: simple and relevant, memorable, versatile to be updated in the future , ageless, instantly recognizable on any platform.


If a picture speaks 1000 words, how many do you suppose a moving one can say? Work with DDS to bring your logo to life, through animation created by talented graphic designers. Basically, logo animation is all about transforming a static logo through captivating animated elements, adding a little sugar and spice to a…plainer dish.


What happens when a website designer and developer walk into a bar? This isn’t a joke, but there is a punchline – they team up to create the mother of all websites. One that is user-friendly, good-looking, and fast as lightning to boot. With DDS Studio, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got a crew of experts transforming your website on your behalf (and keeping it running 100% behind the scenes, 24/7).
Good web design isn’t optional. It’s essential if you want to give people a memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more.


Contrary to popular (mis)belief, UX and UI are NOT interchangeable terms. Here’s the difference in a nutshell: UX = User Experience Design. UI = User Interface Design. While both are crucial for running a successful business, the prior involves designing products in a “human-first” way. It’s about tackling every aspect of your end-users’ interaction with your company and services, promising unforgettable experiences every time. UX could apply to anything from your website to a street lamp. It’s about how you make people feel when they see and engage with your brand. So, if UX is about emotions, UI is about – you guessed it – visuals. User Interface Design encompasses your brand’s presentation; your look and feel.


Good graphic design is a powerful tool you can use to communicate your beliefs and vision with your audience, through an eclectic mix of beautiful pictures and text. Whether you’re revamping your website or need some hot new visual concepts for an offline campaign, we’ve got you covered, using the highest grade materials to ensure impressive performance. Great graphic design sets you apart in a heartbeat, empowering you to confidently showcase your professionalism and credibility.


Home is where the heart is – unless it doesn’t resonate with your personality at all. Turning a house into your home and sanctuary can be tough, but with the right design team by your side, you can wave the magic wand and transform any space into the haven you desire. Work with DDS to create breathtaking rooms you’ll love to come home to every day.

How We Work
Meet and greet

First, we’ll chat over a cyber-coffee about who you are, what you do, and where you want to be.


conecting dots

We’ll bridge the gap between where you are now and where you need to be, creating a solid brand identity that will immediately set you apart from your competitors.


setting goals & milstons

Take advantage of our creativity and experience to set and achieve measurable goals in today’s competitive business landscape.


EXecution plans

Don’t worry – we keep every stage of the process as simple as can be, doing all the dirty work so you can focus on business growth.


The Power of Branding

Animation Branding encompasses everything and anything to do with your look, feel, and presence. It’s about having a consistent aesthetic across every platform and medium, online and off. It’s the way you make people feel. Your branding speaks volumes about your services, products, reputation, and how much you care about your customers.

Who We Are

As a creative design studio, we believe in the power of brands and the authenticity of the human connection. From interface design to branding, digital management, and the user experience, we provide a long list of digital services to help you rise above your competitors and leave them in your trail of smoke. #DropMic.

People Behind DDS
Meet our team
UX & Ui Designer

An ex 9-to-5 guy who developed his passion for Design as a Product Designer. He is always looking for new ways to create a better user experience and interface.

Lead graphic designer

Art and design are Nava’s passion, however, video games make the list as well. Nava loves immersing herself in branding, photography and content creation and in hers pare time she is set on enjoying life, exploring, staying always positive, and living life to the fullest

Junior Graphic designer

Shirley is driven by creating conceptually meaningful work and motivated by design problem-solving. Currently, she is studying to pursue a degree in graphic design at OCADU. Her purpose as a designer is to help people and create solutions by expressing herself through her work. She also enjoy astrophotography, reading philosophy books, and cooking up recipes during her free time.

Senior graphic designer

Criss is passionate about dogs and cats, loves to travel and go on new adventures to add to the passport.

Bettie Walker

This girl loves two things in this world fresh air and fresh pair of flip-flops. She's the face of this company. Customers love her.

interior designer

An ex 9-to-5 guy who found his passion in sunset big waves colorful tees. When he's not surfing he's designing your next t-shirt.


An ex 9-to-5 guy who found his passion in sunset big waves colorful tees. When he's not surfing he's designing your next t-shirt.


An ex 9-to-5 guy who found his passion in sunset big waves colorful tees. When he's not surfing he's designing your next t-shirt.

The DDS Difference

Why work with Us?

Advantage Icon

Learn, Discover, Soar

Every creative journey begins with knowledge. Let’s get to know one another, so we can turn your vision into phenomenal reality and lure your audience into your

icon advantages

Research, Strategize, Succeed

By analyzing your top competitors’ marketing efforts and industry-specific design, we can hone hot trends and ensure effective communication with your audience. Through due diligence, we can plan and execute an exceptional brand strategy complete with game-changing SEO.

Sketch Icon

Sketch, Conceptualize

Now for the fun part. We’ll bring your identity to life through true dynasty-style logo design, typography, and eye-catching color palettes. From there, we can develop a sitemap with wireframing to illustrate the projected setup of your website’s architecture.



Brush, rinse, repeat! We won’t stop working until you’re 100% happy with the concept. This means shortlisting and shortlisting until you’re staring at “the one” in the face.

Presentation Icon


Once we’ve chosen the perfect concept, we’ll bring it to life, going onto present it to you to share a realistic idea of the future of your brand and website design. Again, we’ll revise, rinse, and repeat as many times as needed.

Deliver Icon

Sign, Seal, Deliver

Finally! Once your website and branding is complete, everything will go LIVE. But that’s not the end of it – we’ll check-in on your site’s “health” monthly, with automated up-time monitoring 24/7 and FULL support to keep your marketing engine safe, secure, and operating to the fullest.

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